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Sguardi oltre il cinema: Critical essays on the Locarno Film Festival

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47 Gazes, 1 History

Sguardi oltre il cinema: Critical essays on the Locarno Film Festival is a collection of critical essays by over 40 authors from all over the world called to question the role of the Locarno Film Festival throughout the seventy-five editions and the ability to communicate with different generations, establishing itself as a lasting value which goes beyond any temporary misunderstandings or confrontational debates. Through a narration in which personal experiences and historical, social and cultural analysis intertwine, a rich, collective journey unfolds, always in the name of cinema.

Languages: Italian, English, German, French (all essays published in their original language)
Print: Armando Dadò Editore
Pages: 188


Arnaldo Alberti | Luca Albertoni | Dalmazi Ambrosioni | François Barras | Sandro Bianconi | Martin Blaney | Pascal Blum | Max Borg | Matthias Brunner | Ugo Brusaporco | Denise Bucher | Urs Bühler | LucianaCaglio | Antonello Catacchio | Yun-Hua Chen | Giancarlo Dillena | Antoine Duplan | Salvatore Maria Fares | Fabio Fumagalli | Michel Gagnon | Pascal Gavillet | Bernhard Giger | Stéphane Gobbo | André Häfliger | Florian Keller | Geri Krebs | Kevin B. Lee | Lucia Leoni | Matthias Lerf | Alessandra Levantesi-Kezich | Mariarosa Mancuso | Alina Marazzi | Antonio Mariotti | Orazio Martinetti | Joseph McBride | Frank A. Meyer | Paolo Mereghetti | Mariano Morace | Enrico Morresi |  Roberto Nepoti | Zvezdana Pilepic | Giulio Sangiorgio | Géraldine Savary | Ivo Silvestro | Anna Tatarska | Nick Vivarelli | Jay Weissberg | Hans Jürg Zinsli