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Locarno on / Locarno off: storia e storie del Film Festival

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Yesterday, today and tomorrow: the told and untold of the Locarno Film Festival

Published to mark this year’s 75th edition, Locarno On / Locarno Off: History and Stories of the Film Festival (Edizioni Casagrande) retraces the official history of the event reveals hidden stories from behind the scenes, with 75 anecdotes that hover between truth and legend: Marlene Dietrich, silent by the terms of her contract; Rainer Werner Fassbinder stealing a hotel screen; Roberto Benigni on the phone to 8,000 people; Spike Lee and Wim Wenders frozen by stage fright in Piazza Grande; Agnès Varda doing a leopard dance... Whether backstage or in the limelight, this is a story that invariably looks to the future.
The book also includes rare archive photographs and an interview with President Marco Solari.

Languages: Italian, English, German, French
Editor: Edizioni Casagrande 

Pages: 272
Format: book & e-book

Lorenzo Buccella (Lugano, 1974) is a journalist, film critic, and writer. He was the editor of the official website and magazine of the Locarno Film Festival, and in 2014 he edited the book Forever Young. Festival del film Locarno 1997-2012. He works for the Swiss television and radio broadcasting service RSI Radiotelevisione svizzera.

E-Book on edizionicasagrande.com