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Marco Solari - Unverzichtbares Tessin

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Once romanticised as an exotic sun-drenched region, Ticino is now a political, economic and cultural bridgehead between North and South. True to the motto "No origin, no future", Marco Solari and his companions, personalities from politics, culture and business, review this metamorphosis with a wealth of anecdotes, always combined with a visionary look at the future.

Language: German
Author: Marco Solari
Publisher: elfundzehn
Pages: 220

With forewords and epilogues by Alain Berset, Adolf Ogi and Ignazio Cassis, and contributions, letters and essays by Marco Baschera, Raphaël Brunschwig, Pascal Couchepin, Ruth Dreifuss, Anna Fazioli, Elia Frapolli, Max Frisch, Michele Guerra, Greta Gysin, Patrick Lardi, Moritz Leuenberger, Doris Leuthard, Adolf Muschg, Johann Schneider-Ammann, Mario Timbal, Denise Tonella, Kaspar Villiger and many others.